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Dr. Carlos De La Hoz
Medical Director


Mindful eating tuition program aiming hormonal balance as the main wellness marker. Anti-inflamatory nutrition method based on hunger and satiety signal recognition. Students learn to choose foods according to their physiological needs, personal tastes, experiences and accessibility. Flexitarian culinary skills are a great tool to achieve it


Pre-hab and sports performance methodology. An innovative yet rational approach to strengthen our body based on functional movement patterns re-education. Students/clients experience the more athletic and supple version of themselves without sacrificing well-being. The system elicits complete body awareness and is sustainable throughout a person’s lifetime.


Think of nurturing instead of eating

• INTUITIVE NUTRITION. Listen to your innate biological wisdom and merge it with science based information

• Macro-nutrient balance & micro-nutrient intake combination strategy

• Hydration, stress regulation, rest and frequent movement as the other 4 foundations of wellness

• Healthy meals can also be flavorful

• Be present. Connect with your meal. Enjoy local products

• No restricting of extreme diets. No “good/bad” foods

• Measuring tape or weight scale are not mandatory


• Understand human body’s physiology and design your training accordingly


• Mix modern physical therapy and strength & conditioning knowledge with ancient movement wisdom

• Aim for multiple movement skills instead of milestones of just one of them

• Be present and aware then you train, genuinely connecting with your body

Individuals, families or work teams for:

• Strength, mobility & multiple-skill conditioning for wellness & high performance

• Movement patterns re-education for injury prevention and longevity

• Wellness and performance driven flexitarian nutrition

• Daily life strategic habits and soft skills

• Complementary wellness therapies including preventive biological medicine

• Mindfulness and body awareness


Mentorship plans

• Single time 1 on 1 consulting or follow-up

 • Physical training power weeks

• Nutritional coaching & meal planning

• Monthly continuous coaching

• Bundle options available!!!


One time consultation of 75 to 90 min

• 4-session Power Week of physical training (60 min. personal sessions at NeoMedicine institute premises)

• 21-day nutritional coaching. Includes assessment, meal plan and healthy culinary skills mentorship

• Full Month physical training, Includes 1 power week and 3 weeks of remote coaching with video assistance, rest & recovery guidance and additional sports/physical activities matching advisorship

•Full month bundle. Our house special already fixed for you!! Full month of coaching with an extra week of Nutrition’s 21-day plan. Includes 1 personal consulting or follow-up per month.

Monthly plans include availability for occasional pre-scheduled online classes and workshops.

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