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Treating World Renowned Professional Athletes In Pain Management, Recover & Stem Cell Therapies.

“The Neomedicine Institute has reshaped the way I view modern medicine. They have the capability to increase longevity and quality of life. With stem cell banking and regenerative therapy, I am able to heal my body and feel more youthful, energetic, and mobile!” 

Cris Carter​

Pro-Football Hall of Famer 2013

“After a painful surgery I went to Dr. De la Hoz to help reduce my shoulder cuff damage and chronic pain. In a few short visits, Doc and his knowledgeable staff have me on the path to recovery and back in the gym doing what I love most with my clients. I highly recommend The Neomedicine Institute to professional athletes, and people living with pain, before they consider surgery or pain medications.” – Fitness trainer and entrepreneur.

Marc Anthony Cazanas

Fitness trainer and entrepreneur

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