Dermal Fillers


Provide volume to areas of the face that have become hallow or sunken over time with top of the line dermal fillers. Through Yasniel’s technique and with the right product you will achieve a natural more youthful appearance.
** A $75 reservation fee will be applied to all bookings. This fee will be used towards services, or refunded within a 48-hour cancelation window.


Natural enhancement with top of the Line Fillers
  • Lips $650
  • Nasolabial $700
  • Nose Contouring $950
  • Temple $1,100
  • Tear Trough $800
  • Cheek Sculpting $1,200
  • Chin Sculpting $750
  • Jaw Sculpting & Contouring $2,000
  • Filler Dissolving $200 (per vial)

Yasniel Valdes

My name is Yasniel Valdes. I am an Acute Nurse Practitioner. I have worked in the health field as an ER & trauma nurse for 11 years. I have acquired my Masters degree from the University of Miami. I am a certified Master Injector, Julie Horne Lip certified, & Advanced Facial Aesthetics Balancing certified by Raj Acquilla. My philosophy is to deliver natural results for individuals ti become their best version of themselves and feel confident in their own skin.

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