About Us

The NeoMedicine Institute.

The patient’s health is our top priority. We believe that accelerating a patient’s diagnosis and treatment time offers improved function and quality of life, and in many cases, may eliminate the need for surgery.

Our Story.

The Neomedicine Institute was formed by a team of dynamic specialists who saw a need for a collaborative, multidisciplinary and integrated approach to medicine. One that simplifies the process for patients, as well as for our referring partners.

Our methods are new and unlike other medical institutes. Throughout each patient’s process, they will have access to education and participation in management of their pain. We create a friendly environment that empowers and educates our patients, so they can leave our facility as a better and healthier version of themselves.

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Our Team.

The Neomedicine Institute is committed to providing the highest quality service and support for our clients that meets customer expectations.

What We Do​!

The Neomedicine Institute is a patient focused clinic with all healthcare providers under one roof. Our team of Board Certified Doctors will come together for an assessment, applying a broad knowledge base of expertise to create a treatment plan personalized to every patient’s needs.


Pain Management

Relieve and reduce pain, helping to improve your quality of life.



Restore normal movement, flexibility, and function after a surgical procedure.


Athletic Performance

Latest technology in fast athletic recovery and performance.

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Wellness & Antiaging

Hormone therapy, diets and workout plans. Rejuvenation therapy.

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